Yo… Banks had the Jewelry game on lock when he was getting that G-unit paper…

Now hes got a clean smaller set up with two mini crosses..

He claims in interviews that he doesn’t like gaudy jewelry and big chains no more, why?

because “dudes with real paper rock small pieces”..

lol I feel that in some way but I also feel thats only half true..






Damn those bracelets are brolic!!!




Statue of Liberty piece goes hard!


This is the new set up he got going on…



  • CA$H

    chill , banks bread still heavy .. G-UNIT still do tours and shit .

  • jeanius

    lol my bad fam i kno i just said he just downgraded his jewels he still gets it in

  • CA$H

    jea he did lol , tha jawn w. tha $ is hard .

  • Cash you a DUMBASS Groupie Guy.. Bank BROKE NOW…. He Just still sucking 50 Dick.. His Feminine ass..

  • Banks chain game is fire. People mad cuz they ain’t got it like that. The PLK is still the hottest rapper out.

  • IseeAsuccessfulLiteskinrapper

    He didn’t down grade nor is he broke. If anything the new set is worth as much as all the other ones were. And he also said he changed them to smaller peices because when you are around the big billionaires they look at your with a funny face like you have no money, what your wearing is ignorant.

  • Bigfoot

    he got a new yellow gold setup!! post that if you can get pics!!

  • sosa910

    Eat me tonight butthole wide open