Watch this video as Jim Jones get hands on with the production and manufacturing process of his clothing line Vampire Life and Protocol with Dan Tan and Parish Nation.

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  • hey jim its jason from brooklyn straight to the point i have a shirt line called Jrstar and 5 B’s i wanna to sit down wit u personally and show u jrstar hit me up polo’s crewneck and vneck seriously vampirelife made me start drawing a logo 4843341101 hit me up direct i live in allentown pa im not far from harlem

  • Lamar Key

    Jim Jones u are a drivin individual, with a great sense of fashion and alot to offer! keep up the good work!

  • jason justin president and c.e.o. of JRstar clothing hit me up at direct number 4843874518 or ifinish wit my polo line and tee shirt line jim jones youtube me twitter me i got $5000