It’s the legendary Nasir Jones, at the Winter X Games 2012 in Aspen rocking that Camo Moncler Tibet Vest to stay warm. That vest is mean!!!! and it kills all the other Moncler vests out there!!

Check out more pictures of Nas rocking it after the jump!







  • Oscar

    Is this vest official can’t find on the moncler site?

  • uhuh

    this vest was posted on so its official. i cant find tibet vests on too. but they sell Tib vests if ur interested in those.

  • Scott

    I would like to purchase this vest…I found them on the internet, but for like a real cheap price, so I can expect that these are fakes ?
    Could someone give me a link to buy a real one ?
    Thank You

    The Dope Fox

    • jeanius

      it was a limited edition release thats probably why.. call your local stores