Shout out to Jim’s wifey Chrissy for rocking that Vampire Life shirt, Jimmy said Vampire Life Clothing will be dropping Jan 20th, which is tomorrow… But! if you cant wait till tomorrow, here is an online site where you can buy Vampire Life Clothing from.

Check out more Vampire Life Splash after the jump tho! 










 jim-jones-vampers-hoodie-vampire-life You know the capo Jim Jones gotta approve the designs…


jim-jones-vampire-life-vl-logo-sweatsuit-momaJim Jones wearing that VL Logo Sweatsuit in Navy.

chrissy-vampire-life-clothing-lady-vamp Chrissy with that Lady Vamp Snapback and Sweater

vampire-life-clothing-ladyvamp-beanie-lady-vamp-snapbackvampire-life-clothing-lady-vamp-shirts-sweater-snapbacks Lady Vamp Clothing available at

  • Arica Rainey

    How do I order some vampire life clothing?

    • bigfoot2011

       u really wanna wear a clothing line that is a combination of fake polo, fake Louis vuitton, fake Vans and fake unlv? 

      • DropMyDraws

        its better than 2 out of tha 4 that yu named , its tha fact that jim jones stealin it nd he dont give a fuck .

  • Britt

    how do i order or were can I buy some vampire life clothing ???

  • Is there a grease money script or a browser add-on I can download that blocks every image or mention of Vampire Life?

  • Lody Jones

    How can I purchase tee shirt VL?

    • Troydel

      check out dopesque

  • Sharif

    how can i purchase vampire life clothing i need 2 shirts asap

  • Shi (shy)

    Where can I purchase this line?

  • Franknitty


  • Twhy

    The gear definitely lookin Splashy!


  • Dyamond

    How do i buy some Vampire Life clothing?

  • How can i purchase vampire clothing ??

    • brooklyn

  • Edwin

    Hey you guys need a bigger selection of the vampire life Im trying to buy some shirts in white but I can’t find any on the crispy website

  • or

    thats where you can buy them online .

  • Laurie Christiansen

    how do i order vampire life polo

  • candice coleman

    how can i get some vampire life gear

  • Jaida

    He Needs More #VampLife Shirts For Women.

  • Jim should get hit with trademark fines.

    • 40oz

      im sure he’s smart enough to look into the company to see if their logo’s have been tramarked or not. if you start seeing the nike swoosh then he’s def got a problem.

  • gtyson

    I would like to know where to buy the vlc at and will it be available online

  • yaboi

    you can buy some sick VL at

  • celebnmusic247 loves Vampire Life

  • Burney Johnson

    I have some ideas for the spring line of vampire life clothing

  • Im looking to connect with VampireLife with my company Cinsay

  • temper busta

    yo im a big as fan of jim jones i really need a t-shirt nd a hat of that VL


    when yall going to have 4 to 5x vampire shirts for the big niggaz

  • Jacqueline Garcia

    Hello my name is Jackie, I reside in Spanish Harlem I wanted to know how can I leave word with the designer’s of vampire life. I would love to request a baby tee for my daughters 1st birthday in Aug. of 2014. For my baby shower my daughters father insisted on wearing his vampire life shirt so that’s what he wore, when my daughter was born I had made an unofficial vamp T. for her to show my baby’s father my appreciation. So right now I am at a process of planning her 1st birthday and would love for her to rock an official shirt. I hope someone can please inform me of any places I can go to purchase this shirt for a very special occasion.

  • sean ellis

    im from b more i want one of the leather jim girl made that was on the show n can u put them on splashy splash cuz i dnt c them at all i need that for my b-day my nig get back at me…….1000

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