Loso was spotted behind the scenes with French Montana, Paul Cain, and Lloyd Banks, shooting a music video for his joint called “She Did It” off of There is No Competition 3. At the shoot he was rocking a Givenchy Rottweiler “RTTWLR” Shirt in White. There are some crazy controversy behind the brand Givenchy. People are saying that Givenchy is connected to the illuminati and the symbolism behind Rottweiler is that they are trying to brand their followers as pets of the illuminati. Meaning all the rich entertainers, celebrities, rappers who are in the public eye like Fabolous, Kanye West, Jay-Z. Regular people can’t afford these shirts cost minimum $600-$1,200. Lol let us know what y’all think about this illuminati talk.

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  • Steve Bontempi

    I find that these “shirts” are in poor taste for a number of reasons. Firstly with the current witch hunt on “vicious” dogs showing an immage of a snarling Rottweiler is in poor taste, secondly it shows absolutely no knowledge of the breeds traits and thirdly it gives the impression of condoning and promoting dog fighting…a scurge too all animal lovers. The least said about these “so called stars” that wear these tops and pose with them is better. They are seen as role models by some and this is not a good example of what they should be portraing. Maybe its COOL to look and act like a tough person.