Jadakiss Louis Vuitton Bonnet Monogram Hat & Scarf Splash

Jadakiss Louis Vuitton Bonnet Monogram Hat & Scarf Splash

You already know Kiss be always on point with his gear, shout out to his stylist Groovey Lew for keeping Jada in the loop! Anyways this Louis Vuitton Bonnet Monogram Ski Hat and Scarf is from a couple (I think 1-2) seasons ago but nonetheless on its way to becoming a classic piece! Made from 100% cashmere, the Hat was around $700 if I remember correctly and the Scarf was around $2,000-$2,500. LV doesn’t put out scarves and beanies like these no more, they stepped down their quality a lot in and as you can see are now producing more affordable joints. So if you are looking for these discontinued joints better get your money up! 



Louis Vuitton did release another version of Bonnet’s after they revised the floral monogram pattern, and changed the leather tag/patch from the original Inventeur belt patch to a LV initial logo patch.







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