The big homie Juelz Santana was splashing out in the strip club with a pocket full of stacks rocking Slowbucks and a Fendi Belt ($350).

Check out more pictures after the jump…


Juelz came came thru with a different Fendi belt.


  • Ty

    the last pic with the belts is lloyd banks stop breading juelz santana show some respect to lloyd banks think no body will find out

    • jeanius

      Yeah, check the name on the picture I named it Lloyd Banks fendi belt collection, but at the same time what im going to do with a picture of fendi belts? put it up and say its lloyd banks? it could damn near be any Fabs or Juelz or any other rapper for that matter… lol and hows that a sign of disrespect in anyway

  • Ty

    the last pic is lloyd banks

  • Holla

    Come at me I have all college belts . I get them faster then fendi lol

  • B313

    You got Fendi belts for real? Are they authentic and how much?

  • Demetrius Beasley

    I need help ….im getting 2 belts but don’t know which to get… fendi,gucci,lv,hermes,ferragamo and burberry what 2?