Dipset Vampin In Vampire Life Clothing

Dipset Vampin In Vampire Life Clothing

The Diplomats got together to perform at Paid Dues 2012 last night, and 2 members out of the 4; Jim Jones and Freekey Zekey were vampin. Y’all seen the UNVL Crewneck worn by Freekey before and Jim Jones came through with that V.W.A shirt and snap. 



oh word they even got sunglasses now?




some colorful joints for girls.




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  • P Gutta

    Dipset all day! That vamp life is killin dem right now!

  • http://artofglenthomas.blogspot.com/ GT Enigma

    Vamp Life brand is wack. Need original art. Dipset need to drop another album.

  • bwadley

    i fucks with that white VAMP shirt

  • Breezy

    What is this some type of fake as LV? Step your game up Jim

  • bigfoot2011

    This shit dumber than Jim Hoes music.  Fake LV, Fake UNLV, Fake NWA, Fake UCLA.  WTF?