Juelz Santana Rocking Metallic Red Foams & Slowbucks Shirt

Juelz Santana Rocking Metallic Red Foams & Slowbucks Shirt


You see the homie Juelz Santana chilling with Bucks both Slowbucks Splashing. While L’z was rocking that Metallic Red Foamposites, Bucks was rocking that Jordan 4 White Cements. Peep the Fendi Belt Juelz is wearing, the homie Jim Jones instagram’d a picture of his latest Fendi Belt purchase and Juelz @ Jim Jones with that picture above saying that  he been up on it. Do these guys talk to each other about their next purchases? lol.. Also it looks like Juelz is bringing those Bengi Jeans back out of the closets.


This belt is aight not feeling the buckle.


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