Yow s/o to the homie Tyga, this dudes stunt game is retarded! His fashion game might be little off the top for some but don’t forget he’s keeping it ignorant as fuck! That Brown Leather Dior Homme Shirt costs $2,952 aka 3 G’s. Balmain Jeans $1,160Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes $650 and the cheapest thing he got on is the Givenchy Birds of Paradise Scarf, which is $330. That’s not including his sunglasses and his crazy jewelry! No matter how retarded his designer game might be, one thing for sure is that his jewelry game is clean. Plus he gets them all made by Jason of Beverly Hills which is money. Check out that Flooded Yellow Gold Audemars Piguet plus the Iced Out Versace Pendant, chain and the bracelet. Salute to the homie Tyga he’s getting money out here, some of y’all might know he just launched a porn site called Rack City XXX and he got all the bad bitches in the game on there lol. Check out more pics after the jump…





  • JizzlePjj

    Nigga looks like a fuckin clown .. U think cause you drop od bread on some clothes that it automatically looks good FOH… No swagg#

    • Sir NoBrand

      Sir I do agree!!!

  • HarlemHearted

    Jizzle brah y u hating he doin his own thang son son niggaz fucking wit brah n harlem n fuck swag

  • Jizzlepjj

    Na fuk all that. Idc Wat anyone says hAtin or not this nigga look like a homo thug point blank. Harlem bx bk si queens I don’t giv a fuck. Cam n vado needa b seen more not this fuk nigga if u wana talk bout niggas in Harlem fuk wit em