It’s been a long weekend for the homie Young Jeezy. He went from popping bottles with the homie Juvenile, to playing some ball with Dwyane Wade and then breaking bread with some white folks. Jeezy did all this in that 2012 London Olympics Polo Ralph Lauren Splash. Make sure you check out Jeezy’s weekend after the jump… 



Spotted: 1. MCM Backpack 2. Jordan 4’s 3. Polo USA Jacket 4. Polo Black Cologne 5. Louis Vuitton Belt


Jeezy rocking that Polo White T, getting read to play with Wade.


The homie Jizzle rocking the Fire Red 4’s going against the homie Wade.


After the ball game.. Jeezy was cooling by the Pool Side with a cigar and some Champagne. Polo Down. Getting ready for his important meeting for the night.


#ItsThaWorld #CorporateThuggin Jeezy talking money with them white folks.


Damn, Jizzle ain’t never this happy around black folks lol… you already know the homie must have came up big time.