S/o to the homie Chief Keef, the homie be really living the life he be rapping about. He be always rapping about smoking kush, and he’s always doing that. Sosa said “Hermes 14 hunnid, my watch bout 20 of them” in his song Appreciation. And as you can see he’s rocking that Hermes H Belt. Sosa always talking about pushing that Audi, and you see him pushing that Audi. And he said he only rock designer and foreign clothes. It looks like he’s head to toe dressed in designer clothes. Chief Keef is wearing Gucci Leather Hooded Bomber Jacket ($2,800), Polo White Tee, Polo Boxers, and Hermes Belt.



Gucci Leather Hooded Bomber Jacket $2,800 – website exclusive.



Sosa rocking that Polo White Tee.