Y’all know the homie Pusha-T don’t play when it comes to the high end designer game. Push always be rocking some Givenchy shit mixed with some Balmain jeans and Balenciaga kicks and what not. Recently Pusha-T was spotted out in Atlanta rocking Neoprene Body Sweatshirt with 2 Embroidered Stars by Givenchy. The all black look is mean and that Black Jesus Piece is murder. 

Givenchy Mens Collection Crewneck sweatshirt W/Neoprene Over Lay on Chest, Cotton Sweatshirt Sleeves, Embroidered Stars on Shoulders, Zippers on Neckline. $1,195

Givenchy Wallet Embossed Logo Wallet $225


Givenchy Star Studded Leather Belt $290