“I gotta be like the pioneer to this shit” – Hov. Looks like it’s game over for all the imaginary players out there. King Hov shut down the Yellow Gold Cuban Link Game last night at the So So Def 20th Anniversary in Atlanta. The big homie Jay-Z showed up rocking the biggest Cuban Link Chain weighing 5 kilograms made by Rafaello & Co. He also rocked a Gold Celine ID Bracelet and brought out the Good Music/Kanye West Jesus Piece. Check out more pictures and a video of Hov performing at the concert, after the jump… 


Jay-Z Wearing a Pyrex Vision Religion Hoodie. I see that Champion Logo on the sleeves… they print them shits on a blank Champion hoodie? That’s dope.


The 5 Kilo Cuban Link Chain made by Rafaello & Co.


Jay-Z’s Chain & Liquor; D’usse.


Hov on the jet making his way to the concert.


Pyrex Vision Religion Hoodie ($275)


kanye-west-good-music-rose-gold-jesus-pieceThe Good Music x Kanye West Jesus in Rose Gold with Champagne stones.




Celine ID Bracelet ($1,795)







Hov & Jeezy kicking it at the After Party.

  • i like that chain

  • see him with that Rolex Sky Dweller!!!

  • fullyautomatic


  • C Dot

    Most of those rap niggas couldn’t even afford that chain. Damn near $250k chain alone!!!!

    • Wa more then they bro. The chain is over ten pounds

      • GetMoneyGangsta

        no it aint … like he said its not even 250k and thats if its 24K PURE 999 GOLD

        • Jewelry holds value. Not wat u paid but it’s worth more then money. And it’s more then 250k. Did u read it. I have a 400 gram cuban. It’s 10,000. His is 10 pounds smh

          • GetMoneyGangsta

            Nigga ur retarded PLZ don’t try and teach me about gold …. The price fluctuates if its GOOOOOLD . NOT JEWELRY I SAID GOLD PURE GOLD . Its worth around 1200$/Oz actually right now its a little under at $1172.10 although by the time ur ignant ass checks this it will change a few cents .


          • Again…….. My point wasn’t about the value of gold. It was about the value of money. Money isn’t worth the paper it is printed on. Period. That’s why when u have a certain amount you should not have a single residence in america. And when u have don’t have international money you should reside in fla. The money game is not about paper money. It’s about silver gold platinum and diamonds. So no matter the purity. Even if it’s only 10k. It’s worth more then your paper money. Pawn shops don’t discriminate. I’m not trying to teach u anything. If your to ignorant to see my point it makes me no difference. My bank accaccount will still a little bigger by the time I’m done typing these words. And I hope yours will also. I don’t have time to argue on the net with people I do not know. I would much rather exchange useful information that will help me achievey goals in a but thinking smarter not working harder.

          • GetMoneyGangsta

            exactly , thats the name of the game !!! & you are still saying the same thing I am basically lol all I am saying is 14k gold still LOSES VALUE ! If you pay $1000 for a 14k chain , if the price of gold stays the same there is NO WAY you are getting that G back !!! ESP from a pawn shop ! ANOTHER thing u def can’t teach ME lol . If you went to them with the 14k chain u paid a G for a year later they will give you not even HALF that … Now if you paid a G for a piece of 24k that will ALWAYS hold its value . & FLA suuucks ! why fla lol ….

          • Lol fla has great tax breaks. But it does suck. Def right about that. I see what your saying about 24 k. But this is where my knowledge of the game fails. The only jewelry I’ve had is 14 or 18. I’ve heard the 24 k jewelry is weak. But u say it holds value dollar wise that won’t drop correct?

          • GetMoneyGangsta

            exactly . i mean yes its weak as in physically cuz its pretty soft you just have to take care of it and if you aint always fucking wit da clasp it won’t bend or break . Just get a big enough one to go over ur head . Look it up tho pure gold is always pure gold u can melt it down and make a few 14k chains !
            Shit if you don’t like taxes move to New Hampshire ! NO tax on ANYthing … (Car sales tax , home tax , ANY tax what so ever)

          • Dude your serious? Wow I gotta look into that. I was just researching 24k I saw something about 22k I never new they had 22k. But would you deal with 22k or just strictly 24? This info is great thanks a lot. The jewelry game is a dirty one for sure. But i don’t want to buy anymore that I’m going to lose money on cause thats wasted time. But I always got 14 and 18 and I thought 24 was just to weak. But i realize I need to trade what I have in and just start over. Cause it is a investment if you buy the right stuff. But depending on what u say from personal experience and what I find out will determine my next move. But i always stuck to 14 and 18 for those reasons. Sometimes it’s hard to find 18 because they don’t carry it. You have to order it cause most people won’t buy it. So I’ma have a hell of a time tryna get 24k lol

          • GetMoneyGangsta

            Yea ur def right about that !!! I have actually NEVER seen 24k chains either until I moved to Cali . It is very rare and hard to find , your average jeweler won’t deal with 24k. But thats exactly why cuz the jewl game is dirty !!! They want your $$$ over you making a solid investment . But personally I would not buy 22 either JUST 24k bcuz like I said its PURE . If you want to make a good investment check out 999 PURE GOLD by the Oz. U can order it right online in gold coin form. I don’t know if any 24k jewelry will be available online , but google search “999 FINE PURE GOLD COINS” and you will see. You could even search for “GOLD BULLION” . If you want to know the current market price go to “kitco. c o m”
            Don’t tell too many people !! Secret gold society shit !!

          • Dang bro. Thanks. Lips sealed you definitely hipped me to some information. Cause I was looking at this thing on youtube about how we are taking all the gold out of Africa and I realized they are playing with numbers with the gold investments like they are with stocks. You put money in and the gold isn’t even in hand yet. They are just playing with numbers like the stock market. So the bottom line is its best to actually put your hands on your investment because if u let the banks do it your never gonna see your money like you would if u did it on your own.

          • GetMoneyGangsta

            E-X-A-C-T-L-Y ! Das what I was tryna tell yo ass I don’t spread bad info !!! Cuz the 14-18k even 22k still cut with other metals . That 999 pure (24k) is that solid shit they taking out the ground . I seen keys str8 raw from africa its crazy. If the world ever went to shit gold is worth bread anywhere in any culture society etc

          • Facts bro… u ain’t never lie. This is were the real money and focus is at. To stabilize ya money. I’m just getting into being able to do these things. And i was just researching for over a month now. Before I just buy anything.

          • DaleDan

            If I may Gentleman, any chain will hold some value based on the gold content. The difference between 14k and 18k is the percentage of gold the chain, or any jewelry posses. To figure the exact gold content for a piece of jewelry, just place the karat number over 24. So, with this 14k has 58.3% (14/24= .58333…). Thus, the price of this chain could range from $121,623 as a 14k chain to $208,498 as pure 24k gold with today’s gold spot price at 1297.00.

          • I just found the bars bro. Dude your magnificent. This is a investment.

          • GetMoneyGangsta

            Just think even back in the roman days what was currency ? Egyptian tombs

          • GetMoneyGangsta

            the price is gonna go back up by 2016 this summer is a good time to buy !

          • Peter

            Your grammar makes you sound border line retarded

          • GetMoneyGangsta

            You looking at my post from almost a year ago is over the line WEIRD

          • GetMoneyGangsta

            SO IF ITS 1200 AN OUNCE (ILL EVEN ROUND UP GIVE U BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT) that makes it 38.75 per GRAM so x400=would be much more than 10 racks u CLOWN lmaooo !!! U aint got shit broke nigga DO THE MATH !! NUMBERS DONT LIE ONLY FUCKNIGGAS DO !!!!!!

          • Dumb ass. It’s not 24k ??????. It’s 14k buy some juelz then talk. I don’t gotta lie about anything my G. If u want my gram lemme know. Then what u gonna say it’s somebody’s stuff and not mines right. Or its fake

          • GetMoneyGangsta

            Your a fuckin bored ass weirdo …. We finished this conversation A YEAR AGO you dummy fuck is u talkin bout ….?

            Bum niggas like you wear 14k that shit weak bruh .. 14k is GARBAGE & you showed me yo gram before wit yo scream mask assss lololol smdh

          • And u suk how much dik on the net?

          • GetMoneyGangsta

            Clearly not as much as ur weird ass going years back

          • TruTruTruth

            @ Therealsyxx- Let me help translate what you’re actually saying to keep some ppl educated…

            400g cuban – $10,000 ????????
            There is 448grams in one LB (Pound)
            2.2 LB (Pounds) in one Kilo

            Hov’s chain=5 Kilo which is 11LBs which comes out to
            11lb x 448g= 4,928 grams of Gold
            From your calculations your 400g chain = 10,000 ? 400 grams is .89% of one LB. So you’re saying one pound of gold is $11,200?
            That would make Hov’s 11lb chain- $123,200……

            Currently Gold is @43k per Kilo which would make his 5Kilo chain worth $215,000 assuming like Getmoney said “If its 24K Pure” whichhhhh it’s not. Any smart man knows you never exceed 18K in the form of a chain. Any higher it will be too soft & will warp.

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  • Im offended by all the white jesus representations he’s wearing…I know it shouldnt matter but if thats the case we’d see jesus looking more than one way…

    • Al

      How is you know it’s a white Jesus?

  • and u gotta love Pyrex’s hustle…I can have that same sweatshirt printed for $40…

  • PwnPeople

    Nice chain, a bit expensive, but heavy.

    I preffer silver because It has “more shine” and It’s cheaper, but this chain is nice.

    • GetMoneyGangsta

      and useless ….. holds no value like PURE GOLD ALWAYS HAS/WILL

      • PwnPeople

        I don’t care about value, I like jewellery for aesthetics.

        I prefer to have my money on banks, home and Bitcoin.

        • GetMoneyGangsta


          • PwnPeople

            I’m not gay, but if I were gay, I would be proud of it.

            I’m sorry if I don’t care about how expensive are other’s chains. Gold it’s only a yellow metal for me, with less shine than silver.

          • GetMoneyGangsta

            yea for YOU …. but worth everything in REALITY .

          • PwnPeople

            There are lots of REAL people who doesn’t care about the price of that chain.

            Deal with it, I don’t care if you spent X or Y on your new jewel.

          • GetMoneyGangsta

            it aint about jewelry u ignorant priiiick … u missing the point . i could melt that chain down to a bar of pure gold and thats worth more than ur year salary broke punk

          • PwnPeople

            I prefer to scan a Bitoin QR and spend it’s money instead of loss a jewel.
            I don’t use my jewels for savings.

          • GetMoneyGangsta

            What doesn’t ur retarded ass get ??? U was in the special classes huh ? Rode the short bus ???? GOLD ISNT A JEWEL U MORON !!!!! What also doesn’t ur special educated slow retard ass understand about GOLD DOES NOOOOT I REPEAT IT DOES NOT LOSE VALUE .

          • PwnPeople

            Maybe it doesn’t lose value, but, You get less dollars for it, -33% since four years ago.

            I repeat: I preffer to keep my savings in banks, in home and in Bitcoin QRs, not in jewels.

          • GetMoneyGangsta

            Bitcoins LOL thats real smart ….

          • PwnPeople

            Enjoy your gold, even if It drops another 33% next year.

            Enjoy your bubble money.

          • GetMoneyGangsta

            u clown u have NO IDEA what ur talking about !!! gold just was up at high as its ever been like 12 months ago lolol stop talking out ur ass clown

          • PwnPeople

            Gold prizes are a bubble.

            You paid too much money for your gold.

          • GetMoneyGangsta

            LOL oh ok ill let u tell it

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  • Kristaps Akmens

    Black Idiots .. Looking Just Stupid, But Hey, I bet White Peoples Charge Them For These Chains

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  • Jdub

    Let me help yall out I do this for a living. gold is at 1200/oz thats pure gold you couldnt make a pure gold 5 kilo chain so if its 5 kilos of say 10 karat its only 73 oz of pure gold which means its worth 88k now when you go to buy it because not many jewelers make something for free or less your hov or somebody famous you are going to pay 2 or 3 times the value

  • G

    That chain fire u could tell it really by the color