Check out the homie Daddy Yankee, popped up out of nowhere with that reggaeton money. Daddy Yankee got laced by the jeweller George the Creator with a Yellow Gold Miami Cuban Link Necklace that weighs 10 kilograms, plus that brolic bracelet for his new video “La Rompe Carros”. Looks like DY got Jay-Z beat for his 5 kilo Cuban Link


  • Jamal Brown

    damn that’s a big chain

  • BLAKnoize

    Waiting for Plies to respond… Lol


      it will not be smart on his behalf, Plies already lost. Good looks Pit lol…

  • damn i got a 1 kilo and thought i was saying something … i want me a 10 kilo ,, but just for shooting videos .. this 1 kilo chain can get annoying to have on

    • Omertà

      1 kilo is fine. 1 kilo is still elegant looking
      This nigga is just begging for attention when he wears this.

    • Bling90

      That chain is sick! !! I’d wear it!! Good for building neck muscle.

    • Bruce lee-roy

      How much did the 1 key run you?

  • G

    That chain fugazi…look at the color that shit look fake as shit an if it is real it probly rented but the color look off no bullshit