What a great idea to gather all the Throwback Thursday Freestyles that Rae has been putting out for the past couple of months. This is a great compilation for those who enjoy listening to verses from Raekwon but also for those who love classical old school joints that real G’s like Rae listen to. Raekwon – We Wanna Thank You


  • simonsickboy

    You need this – this isn’t an aquired taste either – if it doesnt grab you right off…it’s probably not for you. Thanks so much to the artists who made it all possible and the man thanking them for letting him to get on tracks by RZA and others that knrw the soul they grew up hearing could be enjoyed by another generation …and freestyled over with little or no manipulation as this mixtape shows. I really love this tape. I’d been keeping a lot of classic soul in rotation heavy lately then this came along and …yeah. Thank you.