Fat Joe has definitely been an OG sneaker collector in the game. Fat Joe’s been stashing kicks for years (some of you may remember his infamous sole-licking scene in MTV Cribs), and he recently decided to show off, through Twitter and Instagram, some of his Air Jordans. Joey Crack showed us a sneak peak in his sneaker closet and brought out 15 pairs of Jordans. That’s 1 pair of Jordan 1’s. 2 pairs of Jordan 2’s. 3 pairs of Jordan 3’s. 4 pairs of Jordan 4’s and 5 pairs of Jordan 5’s. 15 Pairs of Jordans are nothing compared to Joey’s rest of the collection but…

Previously: Fat Joe In Air Jordan 4 Thunders

After the jump check out Fat Joe’s Jordan collection and his Galaxy Foamposites. 


Fat Joe’s Galaxy Foamposites.


Air Jordan I’s


Air Jordan II’s


Air Jordan III’s


Air Jordan IV’s

Previously: Fat Joe In Air Jordan 4 Thunders


Air Jordan V’s