The big homie Jay-Z was out in France with the wifey Beyonce and Blue Ivy, dressing not his age. It’s a shame to see the legend Hov like this but it seems like he has lost his marbles completely. When he was rapping “Can’t wear skinny jeans cause my knots don’t fit” we thought Jay was smart and old enough not to fall for the hype. He was rocking a Givenchy Apache Star Shirt ($374). A very tight fitting Camo pants (compared to the size he used to rock here) and Nike Air Yeezy 2’s which is a pair of sneakers that a 40 year old should be ashamed to wear. Only thing proper out of this fit is the Persol 649 Sunglasses. I’m surprised he’s not wearing that super hyped Gold Chain Celine Sunglasses that everyones wearing. Leave that style to Kanye and stick to rocking suits please.