There’s a lot of talks going on in the MLB world regarding MLBPA investigating Shawn Carter aka Jay-Z for gifting Robinson Cano a $33,900, 18K Yellow Gold Shawn Carter By Hublot Watch. Well we got the pictures to explain what really went down. It was the lil homie Cano’s birthday and Jigga just had one of his Hublots to give away. SMH MLBPA is hating hard. “You See Me Stressed Right, Can I Live?” 


Jay-Z at Robinson Cano’s birthday party. Jigga wearing his own 18K Yellow Gold Shawn Carter by Hublot watch.


Shawn Carter by Hublot comes in 18K Yellow Gold or Black Ceramic


Cano got the 2nd one made out of the 100 limited production.

I see Jigga brought out the Roc piece.

Jay-Z and Robinson Cano getting faded off that Ace of Spades and Dusse