Check out the homie Nu Jerzey Devil‘s old jewelry/chain collection. He had the Nu Jerzey Devil logo and Black Wall Street piece made by the homie Ben Baller of If & Co back in the days, but it’s good to see that Jerz is still holding on to it. The homie Ben Baller said that he had to make this piece on a budget which is why the stones aren’t set very tightly. Still a clean piece none the less, even though his old NJD piece is 10 years old, the work IF & CO did is so clean that it’s definitely better than the more recent Yellow Gold Nu Jerzey Devil piece he got made by another jeweller.



NJD Piece made by If and Co. Black & White diamonds and Red Rubies.

The spaces between the stones are so far apart, damn. But the mold is too clean.

Jerz rocking the old NJD Piece and the New Yellow Gold piece.

Even thought the setting on this piece is super tight, the mold isn’t 3D as the If & Co piece.

Plus that hollow gallery is no good