You know that Polo and Hip Hop is like bread and butter. Here is another Brooklyn MC with bars that happens to be a Lo Head; the homie, Skyzoo the Writer. Check out the homie Skyzoo rocking that Polo Ralph Lauren Moose Knit Sweater. Yeah, that joint is flamey, especially with those suede elbow patches. You gotta love it when Ralph throws those on.


Skyzoo copping the USA Flag Knit from the Polostore.

Polo Ralph Lauren Moose Knit Sweater RL 67 

Skyzoo cooling with DJ Clark Kent

Skyzoo in the studio, you see the Polo bear beanie and the Biggie Bear iphone case.


Polo Ralph Lauren Polo Bear Beanies


Interbreed Funk Bear Biggie Bear IPhone Case ($30)