Givenchy’s product placement presence within the professional athletes league is growing in strength. Because it makes no damn sense for a regular joe to purchase a cotton t-shirt for nearly $500. You know them Athletes get it for free because 1. it definitely doesn’t cost Givenchy $500 to print this shirt. 2. What’s a couple $500 shirts given for free here and there when there are a billions of consumers being influenced by the likes of Kobe. If 5 people bought this Givenchy shirt because they seen Kobe wear it, Givenchy won already. But that’s neither here nor there, check out Kobe Bryant, C.C. Sabathia and Jadakiss rocking that Givenchy Flag Collage Print Shirt ($481).


Kobe Braynt wearing Givenchy Flag Collage Print Shirt

Givenchy Flag Collage Print T-Shirt ($481)

Jadakiss wearing Givenchy Flag Collage Print shirt and Ferragamo Belt


Jadakiss cooling with Paris Hilton, Birdman, DJ Khaled

CC Sabathia wearing Givenchy Flag Collage Shirt, signing to Roc Nation with Jay-Z