Damn, it’s been almost 2 years since the Don, aka God’s Son aka Escobar aka Nasty Nas has blessed us with another classic album “Life Is Good”. In that album there is a very powerful song called “Daughters”. In the video for Daughters, there is a scene where Nas is kicking game to some girl outside a bodega while he’s with his daughter. In that scene, Nas was rocking that Polo Ralph Lauren Military Twill Combat Jacket with some Timbs on feet. The Don ain’t lose a step! Ain’t no half stepping over here!


Polo Ralph Lauren Military Twill Combat Jacket

That Canadian Flag/Leaf patch on the arm is fuego.


Ralph released a US version of the Combat Jacket this season with an Eagle Embroidery on the back. Which can be found on the polo site for $395. Polo Ralph Lauren Embroidered Combat Jacket ($395)