There is a rumour going around the internets right now about the homie Freeway. They are saying that the homie Freeway who was in Canada for his Canadian Tour for the past two weeks “allegedly” got caught slipping by three Canadian goons at the Oshawa Music Hall.

Our reliable inside sources tell us that Freeway, who performed at the Oshawa Music Hall, was approached by several men in a group while he was sitting on a couch in the general area of the venue. The men scolded Freeway to give up his coveted Roc-a-fella Chain. After Freeway refused, they grabbed him, a short scuffle in sued and the chain was ripped off his neck. Oddly, Freeway was at the venue alone and had no entourage or security to aid in the scuffle. We’re told he left the country and did not finish the rest of the tour, however that is yet to be confirmed. Watch the video that the Canadian Goon uploaded. The homie Freeway is going to have to holla at Drake and P. Reign to get that chain back lol.

“Aight… Shoutout to Freeway, you nah’em sayin’. Just came back from probation, and f*ck I’m still on the road so guess a n*gga didn’t drop no dimes ya know. So good lookin’ man, you still a real n*gga you nah’em sayin’.“

The allegedly stolen Roc A Fella Chain. Looking at the Gold Franco Chain and the diamond setting and bail of the chain it seems to be Freeways piece.