‘Y’all Ready Know‘ a stylist ran through the homies in Slaugtherhouse for this video except for maybe the homie Crooked I. We know no one in Slaughterhouse was about that fashion life except for Royce and Joey but here we have Joell Ortiz looking very forced in that Polo Ralph Lauren Yacht Club Jacket and Rafting Polo. Also why did the video director make Joell rap in front of the Polo section at Macy’s and then put Joey in front of the Denim & Supply booth? lol I hope the homies in Slaughterhouse aren’t content with the success they’ve achieved because back in the days, they would have not let anyone mess up their image but it seems like that mainstream Shady money has made them not care anymore. The song is incredible though. Shout out to DJ Premier.


Joell Ortiz rocking the Polo Ralph Lauren Yacht Club Jacket


Polo Ralph Lauren RLYC Yacht Club Jacket


Polo Ralph Lauren Rafting Polo Shirt


Joell Ortiz in front of the Polo section at Macy’s wearing Polo Ralph Lauren Rafting Guide Vest and Polo



Joe Budden rapping in front of Denim & Supply section at Macy’s lol