The homie Manolo Rose is one of the most visible Lo head out running around in the rap game right now. Manolo was the real Dope Man who came up with Troy Ave and ‘All About The Money’ which was originally Manolo’s song ‘Dope Man’ that Troy Ave stole. Now Manolo is doing his thing with ‘Run Ricky Run’. Everywhere you go you see the homie Manolo Rose dipped in some Lo.

Check out Manolo Rose running around the streets in the 2 of the 4 Polo Bear sweaters that dropped in the year of 2014. The Burgundy Argyle Polo Bear Sweater and the Navy Amercian Flag Polo Bear Sweater.


Manolo Rose rocking that 2014 Burgundy Argyle Polo Bear Sweater with a Versace Backpack

Polo Ralph Lauren Burgundy Argyle Polo Bear Sweater

95% wool. 3% lambswool. 1% merino wool. 1% camel hair. Hand wash. Imported.

Manolo Rose rocking the 2014 American Flag Polo Bear Sweater with a polo jacket

Polo Ralph Lauren Flag Polo Bear Sweater

77% cotton. 23% linen. Hand wash. Imported.