The homie Manolo Rose is on the map now with that ‘Run Ricky Run’ joint buzzing heavy in the streets. The Brooklyn Rapper is also catching a lot of looks from Lo heads all over the globe and keeping it classic and authentic with that Lo wear is extra points for the homie Manolo Rose.

Check him out rocking a various of different Polo Ralph Lauren stuff from vintage to new. It’s facts only that Manolo shops from the Polo Store in Brooklyn and looks like he bought quite a lot of stuff from Andy.


Manolo in Run Ricky Run video rocking that Polo Sport Ski Knit Sweater.

Other Vintage Polo Ralph Lauren Ski Knit Manolo brought it out just to show off.

Manolo rocking that Navy Turtleneck Polo Ski Knit Sweater.

Manolo cooling with DZA rocking that Green Equestrian Sweater. His joint isn’t a turtleneck though… so is he rocking kid’s sizes?

Homie Manolo Rose shopping at Polo Store in BK

Manolo Rose showing y’all that 2014 Polo Work with that Ski Boots Button Up Shirt and American Flag Turtleneck Sweater.