It’s crazy how the homie GuWop is dropping way more materials than some artist that aren’t locked up. “Brick Factory 3” is another Mixtape/Album that just dropped a couple days ago. A lot of features on this one from Young Thug, Peewee Longway, MPA Duke to Lil B. A lot of MPA features, where is the homie MPA Shitro though?

Tracklist/stream available below.

  • 01 Down On That f. Young Thug
  • 02 Heart Attack f. Young Thug
  • 03 Lost My Plug f. Peewee Longway
  • 04 Aint Going Back f. MPA Duke & Young Thug
  • 05 Back To Back f. Bankroll Fresh
  • 06 Bombs f. MPA Duke & Peewee Longway
  • 07 Stripper f. HoodRich Pablo Juan, MPA Duke & PeeWee Logway
  • 08 Cookies f. Wicced, Young Thug & Lil B
  • 09 Do To Much f. MPA Wicced, Peewee Longway & MPA Duke
  • 10 My All f. Young Thug & Lil B
  • 11 Kill My Opponent f. MPA Wicced & Peewee Longway
  • 12 Shotas & Rostas f. Young Thug, Khrome 1 & Young LA
  • 13 Whoa f. Wicced