Slauson Ave repping, Rollin 60’s crip turned rapper MPA Shitro aka Bricc Baby aka Shitty Montana is what’s cracking in the streets right now. Especially with the whole MPA; Money Pounds and Ammunition movement popping heavy in the ATL.

The homie Shitro is now running with the homie Kid Ink and the whole Bat Gang. And in case you are wondering the meaning behind the name Shitro or Shitty Montana is because that’s what they called in him the hood due to his shitty attitude.

Check out MPA Shitro’s mixtape “Son Of A Bricc Lady”. The only Bricc Lady in this world is Griselda Blanco and funny enough the homie Shitro looks like he could be the son of Griselda Blanco and her boyfriend Charles Cosby lol.