Couple of years ago, True Religion was one of the hottest denim labels in the hip hop community along with Rock & Republic jeans and Antik Denim. True Religion is still popular in certain areas like the down south where they catch on trends late, but at least the True Religion Buddha man is still eating, where as Rock & Republic and Antik have both shut down.


When Tity Boy was hood rich, the homie 2 Chainz whole campaign was based off True Religion. But now that he got that long money he’s on some next designer brands.

When Chief Keef was coming up he was all about True Religion, now he’s moved on to Robin Jeans.

Gucci wearing True Religion back in the day.

Yo Gotti in True Religion Jacket

<> on the streets of Manhattan on April 29, 2009 in New York City.

Being from Harlem, Vado used to do the Trues heavy.

T.I in some True Religion Jean Jacket

Jimmy is a Harlem dude so of course he did Trues

Camron in True Religion Jacket