Tupac’s jewelry game was crazy back in the days and if you take a closer lookg, Pac was doing all the Versace bracelets, chains and rings that people are into now, decades ago. Things never change and history repeats itself, as diamond flooded Gold Rolex’s and Presidential bracelets are still a symbol of success and fortune. Pac’s Euphanasia chain is a historic piece of jewelry so much so that the homie Jeezy went and made a replica.



Pac’s Versace bracelet

2Pac Ring

Pac’s Crown ring

Versace Ring

Pac wearing the Versace ring and MOB pinky ring

FILE PHOTO 4SEPT96 – FOR RELEASE WITH BC-DEATH ROW- Rap music star Tupac Shakur, shown in this file photo at the MTV Music Video Awards in New York, was the major star of Death Row records that helped pioneer Gangsta Rap music. Since Shakur’s murder last year, Death Row records has faced problems ranging from lawsuits to a federal investigation into whether it was started with drug money.

Pac’s Euphanasia Chain


Young Jeezy Euphanasia Chain in homage to Pac’s

Pac always kept a gold presidential Rolex

MOB Pinky ring is a classic