Before the homie Lil Boosie went into do a bid, he was known for wearing minimum of 10 chains with crazy colored stones (Bentley Logo chain, Super Bad Chain, Hater Ak-47 Piece and more) at once and his crazy iced out Breitling watch with a crazy huge 10 row diamond bezel that made the watch look like a UFO. When Boosie free’d up and touched down he dropped the Lil in front of his name and went to cop some new jewelry to get with new wave. Rappers weren’t doing the big gaudy pieces no more. The sizes scaled down and the crazy colored stones were considered played out. And the big face Rolex watches were the new thing. So Boosie had King Johnny make one of the dopest Jesus Pieces in the game. The Christ the Redeemer aka Brazilian Jesus Piece. Check it out.


Boosie wearing his Brazilian Jesus Piece

Lil Boosie with his old Super Bad piece and Bentley Logo chain & Breitling watch.

<> the BET Hip Hop Awards ’09 at the Boisfeuillet Jones Atlanta Civic Center on October 10, 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Boosie’s old Bentley chain

Boosie at King Johnny’s getting his jewelry game right

Boosie when he first got out, he upgraded his Breitling to a Rolex and got some smaller pieces like the Jesus Piece and the Angel piece you see.

Boosie with his gold coin pendants

The infamous Brazilian Jesus Piece

Boosie and Nessa with the Christ the Redeemer chain

Boosie Badazz B logo piece