We been messing with the homie Cookie Money for a while now, so it’s about that time we make a post on him. His jewelry collection is stupid crazy and everything is A1 certified work done by the homies over at If & Co. If & Co is one of the best in this jewelry game. Cookie Money must got that long money because he’s collection is better than any top level rappers out in the game right now in terms of quality and value.


Them Cookie Money pieces are hitting, and the Rolex is official too. Peep the If & Co logo engraved on the clasp of the Cuban Link. A1 work.

That’s a If & Co Jesus Piece you can tell from any where. A1 Quality work

Cookie Money’s jewelry collection laid out. Everything is A1 no questions needed. Shout out to If & Co.

Balmain Jeans & Rolexes

If & Co engraved on the back that’s 100.

Balmain & Margiela’s and Cookie Money

Versace & Cookie Money

If & Co Jesus Piece