Juelz Santana “Time Ticking” Video Splash


Off White Jacket and Amiri denim, y’all n*ggaz know im flyer than em they admiring it em, Fendi monster I think im frightening in em, Fear of God they fear the god im christ to em.

Them homies Juelz Santana and Dave East went crazy on this one with Rowdy and Bobby. They made a movie in Harlem and everybody threw on some good designer sh!t on.


Juelz had that Rick Owens Ski Mask on with the Saint Laurent Paris Teddy Bomber Jacket and Dinosaur T-Shirt with some Amiri Denim.




Juelz’s crazy Amiri denim jeans collection


Sky-Dweller on the watch, that’s a boss wrist!


Fear of God FOG all over hoodie and vans

Juelz with the OFF-White Hat, FOG all over hoodie, LS Collection V Bomber Goose, Fear of God jeans and Jordan 12 wings on feet.